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What are Skunkfunk NSK Bags?

12th November 2015

The Skunkfunk Autumn/Winter 2015 collection featured a new range of of rather funky but a little bit bonkers looking bags and iPad cases that Skunkfunk labelled as their 'NSK' range. The NSK stands for 'Not So Kraft'...well that makes it clear then?! Errr nope! So let us try and elaborate...


If you have popped into the shop and taken a peek at the bags and touched them, you'll have spotted that they do have a handcrafted feel to them - like they've been made out of old paper bags. Well that explains the 'Kraft' bit - the 'Not So' is where it gets really rather interesting. They are in fact not made from paper, old bags or otherwise - they are made from a material called Tyvek. Now this might be ringing some bells in the old grey matter as Tyvek is made by DuPont and is more commonly used in things like CSi suits & dust proof overalls, so you may well have worn one if you've done any house rennovation. 

You can also find it elsewhere in your home as it also appears in roofing membranes, envelopes, food packaging - in short anything that needs to be highly durable, waterproof and not 'shed' any fibres. Pretty awesome stuff huh!

So what is Tyvek? In very layman terms it is a non-woven plastic - the fibres are bonded together via heat and pressure. Now here's some more cool stuff;  it can be recycled at the end of its life and the bit we here at Tiger Lily are pretty excited about - it's customisable. Yep you can draw you own designs on it, so you can have a really unique bag or iPad case!



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