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How to dress sustainably on a budget and still be cool

14th April 2015

Dressing sustainably means buying and wearing clothes that are made sustainably, by workers who are treated fairly. Ethical clothing is made with fair-trade, environmentally friendly materials and with consideration given to animal welfare. 

But although ethical fashion can help save the earth, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. 

To help you stay on-trend (and not break the bank), here are some of our top tips…



Shop online

There are lots of ethical fashion brands that offer stylish clothes for a very reasonable price – but sometimes it’s harder to find them on your local high street. By shopping online, you can quickly find online store that offer the styles that make you feel fantastic – for a price that’s right for you.

Go bargain hunting

Keep an eye out for sales and promotional codes. These often crop up as the seasons draw to a close and retailers like to make room for the new range. Some amazing bargains can be had – such as this stylish and versatile People Tree dress we found for less than half price, a steal at just £33. A dress like this can be easily styled for casual or smart occasions. Best of all, it’s made with 100% organic fair-trade cotton.  

Invest in quality items

Sustainable fashion doesn’t necessarily mean buying cheap. Investing in a high quality, well-made item of clothing that you will wear for a long time is often more ethical than ‘buying cheap and buying often’. For example, this eco-friendly and highly versatile faux fur bobtail jacket comes in at £139 – but is guaranteed to stay trendy and keep you cosy on chilly evenings for years to come. 

Stay on top of trends… and look for ethical alternatives

The secret to keeping your look fresh and exciting is to be aware of the latest fashions. For many ethical fashion fans, it can de disappointing to find that the labels on the catwalk aren’t supportive of sustainable style principles.

However, it is often possible to find ethical fashion alternatives. For instance, designers including Ralph Lauren have showcased polo-style shirts as part of their Spring 2015 looks. You can get ahead of the trend and stay ethical by choosing a polo shirt alternative like this for just £30. 

Have a clear out

If, like many of us, you’re guilty of having piles of clothes that you hardly ever wear, why not gather them together and sell them on eBay? The extra cash can be put towards your new sustainable and trendy wardrobe, and you’ll be recycling!


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