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Top five ethical fashion brands

1st April 2015

Wondering where to find the best clothes that are made with a conscience? Here’s my top five ethical fashion brands – they’ll kit you out head to toe in wonderful.

People Tree

A powerhouse in the ethical fashion world and one that most people have heard of, People Tree is simply amazing. Fair Trade, environmentally sustainable and always working to push the global issues surrounding the textile industry, People Tree is promoting so much more than just a brand – they’re promoting a way of life. Read the ‘about’ page and I dare you not to feel inspired. Oh, and did I mention that I love the clothes?! Personal favourites are hand-knitted Fair Trade sweaters and their unique one-off designer collaboration ranges.


As someone whose wardrobe houses a large amount of white and grey, Komodo’s vast offering of classic styles and super-soft fabrics in neutral tones for the basic colour palette connoisseur is to die for. Now, that’s not to say Komodo don’t love a bit of colour – their new spring range features colour-pop floral prints and some beautiful blue hues and yellow tones that will add a much needed colour splash to your wardrobe and brighten the dreariest of days. And a note from my skin: Komodo’s bamboo jersey tops are the softest thing on the planet.

Matt & Nat

The one-stop-shop for classic, smart and versatile staple bags. My introduction to the world of Matt & Nat came about when I found love at first sight with this vegan leather backpack (i.e. made from sustainable materials, looks like leather, incredible quality) and I’ve not looked back since. Well, I’ve looked back over my shoulder to see my beautiful backpack bobbing along…The quality is superb and the styles are timeless – they will last you years and go with everything. What more could you want from a bag? Check out the Tigerlily range here.


Braintree offers a fantastic range of classic, wearable styles for both men and women. I covet this cardigan and have serious admiration for the brand’s dedication to sustainable socks, that will quite literally… Erm… Rock your socks. Their ethics are downright lovely and they make fair fashion seem like a complete no-brainer. Inspiring.


A weird name and a wonderful brand. Super-cute dresses and wardrobe staples like this classic black cardi make this a brand that I will no doubt return to for years to come. Made entirely from ‘environmentally preferred fibers’ like organic cotton and recycled polyester, the brand is innovative and the clothes are sustainable. Our biggest hit in Tigerlily this spring is this lovely patterned summer dress – check it out!


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