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Ethical clothing for UK consumers doesn’t have to cost the earth

At Tiger Lily, where possible we like to work with suppliers who adhere to good, ethical working practices. We stock a mix of funky and ethcial styles sourced from the UK and abroad. As a seller of ethical clothing in the UK, you can be assured that what you see on this page is made by people who care about both their workers and the environment. 

Most people would agree that that’s a good thing if they found the time to stop and think about it. But we know that life is busy, and we understand that sometimes looking good simply takes higher priority than being eco-friendly. Ever since we started Tiger Lily in 2005, we’ve been able to get around that particular issue by stocking beautiful, wearable pieces that also just happen to be ethically produced. 

Take our Komodo Adanala denim day dress, which just happens to be made from a blend of organic hemp and denim, and just happens to be pleasingly well-made and durable – not to mention flattering.

Or our Urban Code bobtail faux fur coat, finished with Eskimo dip-dye detailing on the sleeves and body, which will inject your wardrobe with a dose of rock’n’roll glamour, and just happens to have been made by a small, dedicated company committed to craftsmanship and quality. 

Or perhaps your eye is drawn to a Desigual T-shirt or tunic, with their bold, bohemian prints; they just happen to be designed by a values-led Spanish company that places firm emphasis on treating its staff right. 

So if you love looking great, but also love the environment, and animal and human rights, browse our wide selection of eco clothing, sold here, in the UK. We hope you find something that’s destined to become a wardrobe favourite. 

Eco-friendly, ethical and organic clothes have never been so much fun. Happy shopping!

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