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Pretty, practical, recyclable and ethical homeware

Whether you are looking for homeware for a gift or for yourself, if you are a dedicated recycler and make do and mender, there is a good chance that you will ask yourself if it is eco-friendly, or even if it is ethical. Shopping online is a good option for eco-friendly homeware in the UK, and here at Tiger Lily we showcase beautiful clothing and gifts. A small but perfectly formed retailer of ethical homeware in the UK, our brightly-coloured mugs, jugs and bowls are sure to brighten any kitchen or dining area.

When shopping on the Tiger Lily website for hand-painted homeware, UK buyers can be reassured that delivery charges for mainland addresses are held at a flat rate, no matter how large the order. During normal periods, your order should be with you within five working days, although it may take longer during busy times, such as Christmas. With extreme care paid to sourcing and whether the items are as ethical as they are beautiful in terms of the production working conditions, you can be sure that your gift can be given with a clear conscience.

Artisan homeware in the UK has undergone something of a renaissance in recent years, with the desire of many people to follow a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle. With a shift towards the beautiful as well as the functional, we are paying greater attention not just to what our homeware looks like, but to what is is made from, where it was made, and - when it is no longer fit for its first purpose - what other use it can be. For example, cracked or corroded mugs and dishes take on new life as garden pots, and at worst, metal items are recyclable. Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift, hand-painted artisan homeware sustains both livelihoods and the environment.

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